Non Par LILI

Also a Photographer I was extremely happy to cross paths with Nicolas Tanguy.

I worked with Nicolas over different stages, photos with animals, with children at school or for christmas photos with Santa Claus from Sydney Australia, Paris Francia or Playa Del Carmen Mexico.

However it was during one wedding that I really found Nicolas Tanguy the most happy and honest in his work. This guy loves working with people and when he organises an event for a wedding couple it is not only the photos that matter but the whole package. What you will find is, a joker, an entertainer, an organiser and at the end you get your memories etched in photos.

Like he says all the time « each event is unique ! It will be forever by the memories that we keep » Staging a scene is a strong point that amuses and entertains the guests and creates some original photos.

For example, he is the only wedding photographer I know that organises a photo at the moment of the toast to the Bride and Groom, a united group of staff and invited guests, whilst mounting his ladder. He positions his couple opposite his ladder, creates two semi circle’s of guests each side of the ladder between him and the couple. The result is the couple surrounded by dozen’s of glasses of champagne. In a few minutes he has created a souvenir, small entertainment and created a scene that amuses all the participants.

Warning, Nicolas Tanguy enjoys his job so much that he can definately be the last person at your wedding and even put the couple to bed ! He will even sleep in his camping van at the parking of the reception, so that the next morning he will suprise everyone to take a group photo of the brunch before he heads home. Often, if he is enjoying the moment he will stay unexpectedly for several hours more than requested which makes everyone happy.With his wedding photographer package he offers a certain amount of retouching but sometimes when he finds a special couple, he can give his time unlimited. Nic is like that !

Now if you find Nicolas Tanguy!!! you find it in Playa Del Carmen Mexico


Thank’s Léa & Jonh