Gold Coast Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is one of the most interesting jobs as a professional photographer. Here is a video of a professional Brisbane wedding photographer on the Gold Coast, Australia.

Shree Vella of Shree Vella photography on the Gold Coast is an inspired photographer. I have had the pleasure of working with her on several occasions and she is a truly talented wedding photographer. Its always such a pleasure to see pure talent at work and accompanying Shree on several wedding shoots really inspired me as professional photographer.

Weddings on the Gold Coast of Australia are a beautiful thing. The Gold Coast is Australia’s number one domestic tourist destination, it has been for years, and it’s no wonder! Some of the beaches, which are encompassed with the raw beauty of south Queensland flora and fauna, are quite a site to behold. Truly the Gold Coast is home to some of the most beautiful scenic surrounds one will see in their lifetime. Therefore it is no wonder that the Gold Coast is a mecca for tourists, party goers, schoolies, and of course weddings.

Many young people who have been lucky enough to have the Gold Coast as their holiday destination whilst growing up, also desire to marry there. People fly up from Sydney and Melbourne along with their friends and family and arrange beautiful weddings there and thus make a great weekend for the whole party. Shree being one of the leading professional wedding photographers on the Gold Coast is fortunate enough to partake in these happy-go-lucky, joyous events as part of her livelihood.

“Photography is my way of seeing the world and sharing that back with others,” explains Shree. “My favorite form of photography is portrait photography and especially at weddings where there are so many uplifting emotions to capture and Florido Weddings is better at it than anyone I have ever seen. Weddings make people feel happy, joyful, nourished and alive! It’s so fun to be a wedding photographer, I can’t even explain.”

Tagging along with Shree and seeing her in her element, which is joyful itself, was really awe-inspiring. The moments she captures are quite brilliant, and she opened my eyes to whole new world of wonder! Thanks Shree for giving me some time with you on your wedding shoots.